Thank’s to all the talented photographers we work with who so beautifully capture the celebrations we plan and produce. We hope you love their imagery as much as we do…

Winter 2020

A Romantic Bohemian wedding at the villa Dar Moucha in Morocco

Fall 2019

A wedding
En toute simplicité

Once upon a time the university Dandy meets the good girl, the bets were on, would their love last?

Well, 22 years later they invited their closest firends for an adventurous weekend “En toute simplicité”…

Fall 2019

Sophisticated Boho Chic Wedding

Once upon a time a high school platonic love affaire became a couple with a very full life in Paris, two beautiful children and a wedding. 

They fell in love with Marrakech years ago, thus decided to organise a very exciting wedding that resonated who they’ve evolve to be, happiness, love & fun …

Fall 2019

When Mexico meets 

Once upon the newly weds bumped into each other at university in Madrid and when she dropped her books he helped her pick them up. When their eyes met they both knew it was love at first sight …


A Luxurious Palace Wedding

Once upon a time a man’s Instagram profile caught the attention of a model, after a mutual cyber-spying process the couple decided to meet which led us to organise few years later an extravaganza wedding full of glitters and magic soon after … 


A Boho Wedding at the Amanjena Hotel